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bouchercon 2014


Updated: November 14, 2014


08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

 Sleuths at Every Age (Regency A)
Young, Old, or In-Between, They’re On the Case
Moderator Janet Dawson, Mike Befeler, Allen Eskens, Becky Masterman, Thomas Perry

 Close Enough for Government Work (Regency BC)
How Government Agency Associations Add to the Suspense
Moderator Chantelle Aimee Osman, Andrew Grant, Derek Haas, Dana Haynes, Harry Hunsicker, Boyd Morrison

 Jewish Noir (Regency D)
A New Short-Story Collection
Moderator Kenneth Wishnia, Michael J. Cooper, Travis Richardson, Stephen Jay Schwartz, Dave Zeltserman

 Cross-Cultural Crimes (Seaview)
Caught Between Two Worlds
Moderator Simon Wood, J.A. Jance, Lise McClendon, Sebastian Rotella, Lynn Sheene, Marty Wingate

 Two Heads Are Better Than One (Shoreline)
Writing as a Team
Moderator JJ Lamb, Sparkle Abbey (Anita Carter), Sparkle Abbey (Mary Lee Woods), D.E. Ireland (Meg Mims), D.E. Ireland (Sharon Pisacreta), Bette Lamb

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

 Do You Write What You Know? (Regency A)
A Conversation About Research and Thinking Beyond the Everyday
Moderator Janet Rudolph, Jan Burke, Barry Eisler, Laurie R. King, Elaine Viets

 Mind Games (Regency BC)
Psychological Thrill Rides
Moderator Ali Karim, Patricia Gussin, Andrew Kaufman, Dennis Palumbo, Wendy Webb, Mary Vensel White

 Short and Sweet (Regency D)
Why We Love Writing and Reading Short Stories
Moderator Clare Toohey, John Shepphird, Michael Stanley (Michael Sears), Steve Steinbock, Jay Stringer, Brian Thornton

 Crime for Middle Grades (Seaview)
Talking Pre-Teen Role Models, Crime-Solvers, and Hero(ines)
Moderator Leslie Blatt, Keir Graff, Carol Hughes, Gay Kinman, Sarah Smith, Penny Warner

 Agents and Editors (Shoreline)
The Book Business and the Business of Books
Moderator Andrew Gulli, Lisa Gallagher, Juliet Grames, Michaela Hamilton, Lukas Ortiz, Jason Pinter

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

 All Guest of Honor Panel (Regency ABC)
Panel with Jeffrey Deaver, J.A. Jance, Edward Marston, Eoin Colfer, Simon Wood, & Al Abramson.
Moderator Tammy Kaehler, Al Abramson, Eoin Colfer, Jeffery Deaver, J.A. Jance, Edward Marston, Simon Wood