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Updated: November 14, 2014


08:30 AM - 08:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Gay Degani

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Eleanor Cawood Jones

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Ralph Pezzullo

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

 Teen Angst (Promenade 104 A)
YA Authors Balance Thrills with a Younger Age Group
Moderator Joelle Charbonneau, Cara Brookins, Janie Chodosh, Margaux Froley, Owen Laukkanen, Lissa Price

 Men of Mystery (Promenade 104 BC)
65+ Male Mystery Authors in One Room
Moderator Joan Hansen

 Murder Among the Medical Profession (Regency A)
Moderator Kim Hammond, John Burley, Annette Dashofy, Linda Reid

 A Fine Palate for Death (Regency B)
Dessert, Wine, and Crime
Moderator Ovidia Yu, Kathy Aarons, Jennifer McKinlay, Carlene O’Neil, Nancy Parra, Penny Warner

 Cops and Crime in the Big City (Regency C)
Moderator Clair Lamb, Rachel Howzell Hall, Sam Reaves, Kirk Russell, LJ Sellers, James Thane

 Must Love Dogs & Cats (Regency D)
Moderator Sparkle Abbey (Anita Carter), Sparkle Abbey (Mary Lee Woods), Barbara Allan (Collins), Eileen Brady, Linda O Johnston

 Add Spice To Your Crafts (Shoreline)
Murder With Your Favorite Hobbies
Moderator Dru Ann Love, Barbara Graham, Sybil Johnson, Jennifer McAndrews, Camille Minichino, Clare O’Donohue

09:00 AM - 09:20 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Lisa Fernow

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Thomas Pluck

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Sabrina Flynn

09:30 AM - 09:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Sarah M. Chen

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
June Gillam

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
R. Franklin James

10:00 AM - 10:20 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Linda Townsdin

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Michele Drier

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Tom Shawver

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

 Walking the Line (Promenade 104 A)
Balancing Historical Accuracy and Changing Societal Mores
Moderator Steve Steinbock, Tasha Alexander, Kim Fay, Barbara Hambly, Edward Marston, Caroline (Charles) Todd

 Bloody Murder (Promenade 104 BC)
Recommendations from the Margins is a one-hour event celebrating diversity within the mystery community, and particularly, drawing visibility to the thousands of amazing female crime fiction writers. The event will be moderated by Charlaine Harris and Sara Paretsky and features over 40 mystery writers offering their recommendations for little-known mystery must reads.
Moderator Charlaine Harris, Moderator Sara Paretsky

 Love and Murder (Regency A)
Talking Romantic Suspense
Moderator Stacey Cochran, James Buchanan, Laura K. Curtis, Kendra Elliot, Heather Graham, Melinda Leigh

 The Fine Art of Murder (Regency B)
Mysteries in the Museum and Art World
Moderator Juliet Blackwell, Kate Carlisle, Jane Cleland, Sheila Connolly, Kendel Lynn, Reba White Williams

 They Blinded Me with Science (Regency C)
Technology, Science, and Crime
Moderator Chris Aldrich, Matt Cook, Ray Daniel, Jon McGoran, Kira Peikoff, Daniel Pembrey

 A Strange Mixture (Regency D)
Sleuthing and Other Pastimes
Moderator Clare Toohey, Beverly Allen, Terrie Farley Moran, Don Passman, Susan Shea, Tracy Weber

 Against the Odds (Seaview)
Fighting for Justice When the Stakes Are High
Moderator Bill Fitzhugh, Robert Gregory Browne, Ian Hamilton, Ben Lieberman, Michael Sears, Alexandra Sokoloff

 Interested in Hosting a Bouchercon in Your Town? (Shoreline)
Come meet with Bouchercon National Board members and they can tell you how you can host the event in your town.

10:30 AM - 10:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Anne Louise Bannon

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Nancy Cole Silverman

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Trey R.Ó,ÓBarker 71544906

11:00 AM - 11:20 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Catherine Dilts

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Scott Adlerberg

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
David Hansard

11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Ellie Oberth

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Alec Peche

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
CJ Carpenter

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

 Kick Ass Women (Promenade 104 A)
Kick Ass Women
Moderator Hank Phillippi Ryan, Laura DiSilverio, Meg Gardiner, Terri Nolan, Karen Olson, Ingrid Thoft

 Eoin Colfer, Young Adult Guest of Honor Spotlight (Promenade 104 BC)
Eoin Colfer, our Young Adult Guest of Honor in conversation with Alison Gaylin
Moderator Alison Gaylin, Eoin Colfer

 The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of the Law (Regency A)
Moderator Doris Ann Norris, Laura Caldwell, Joel Goldman, Paul Levine, Cathy Pickens, Charles Rosenberg

 In the Wars (Regency B)
Set in or Between the World Wars
Moderator David Magayna, Aileen Baron, Carola Dunn, J. Robert Janes, John Sandrolini, Charles Todd

 We’ve Got Grit (Regency C)
Traditional to Thriller to True Crime
Charles Salzberg, David Stout, David Swinson

 Small Town Murder (Regency D)
Big Problems
Moderator Robin Burcell, Deborah Atkinson, Mette Harrison, Frank Hayes, Karin Salvalaggio, Terry Shames

 Sherlock Through the Ages (Seaview)
Moderator Leslie S. Klinger, Lindsey Faye, Laurie R. King, Michael Kurland, Michael Robertson

 Deadly Accurate (Shoreline)
Historical Arms and Armor
Moderator Scott Farrell

12:00 PM - 12:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Erik Arneson

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Julia McDermott

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Mike McCrary

01:30 PM - 01:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
M. Ruth Myers

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Stefanie Stolinsky

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Roger Sobin

01:30 PM - 02:30 PM

 Women Making History (Promenade 104 A)
Strong Women in Period Pieces
Moderator Rochelle Staab, Rhys Bowen, Sue Grafton, Susan Elia MacNeal, Sharan Newman, Ann Parker

 Getting it Right (Promenade 104 B)
How Authors Make Sure the Details Are Correct
Moderator Chris Aldrich, Jan Burke, Reed Farrel Coleman, Julia Dahl, Roger Hobbs, Tammy Kaehler

 Plenty of Crime, Y’All (Promenade 104 C)
Southern Murder and Mischief
Moderator Tina Whittle, Susan Boyer, David Burnsworth, Charlaine Harris, Richard Helms, Mike Rubin

 The Modern Private Investigator (Regency A)
Moderator Maryelizabeth Hart, Gar Anthony Haywood, Karen Keskinen, Sara Paretsky, Michael Wiley

 Crimes with International Flavors (Regency B)
International Settings for Murder
Moderator Jeffrey Siger, Lisa Alber, Brett Battles, Ragnar Jonasson, Ed Lin, Michael Stanley (Stanley Trollip)

 Ordinary Guys Driven to Extraordinary Lengths (Regency C)
Moderator Deborah Halber, David Bell, Richard Lange, John Rector, Michael W. Sherer, Simon Wood

 Whodunits in Every Era (Regency D)
The Times May Change, but Murders Stay the Same
Moderator Darrell James, Patricia Coleman, Charlotte Hinger, Robert Kresge, Linda Richards, John Maddox Roberts

 Layer by Layer Reveal (Seaview)
Understanding the Details of Historic Clothing - Fashion Show
Moderator Robin Berry

 Learn to make a scarf and take the mystery out of crochet (Shoreline)
Kits provided
Moderator Jennifer McAndrews

02:00 PM - 02:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Frederick Weisel

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
John Hindmarsh

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
M. Louisa Locke

02:30 PM - 02:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Sam Wiebe

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Michael Mayo

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Gwendolyn Womack

03:00 PM - 03:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
E.B. Carroll (Brad Smith)

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Jonathan Greene

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Elaine Ash (Anonymous-9)

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

 Round the World for Murder (Promenade 104 A)
International Flavors of Crime
Moderator Erin Mitchell, Cara Black, Sara Blaedel, Chris Ewan, Dietrich Kalteis, Barry Lancet

 Jungle Red Writers (Promenade 104 B)
Moderator Rhys Bowen, Deborah Crombie, Susan Elia MacNeal, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Julia Spencer-Fleming

 The Lure of Secret Work (Promenade 104 C)
Talking Spies, Espionage, and Special Ops
Moderator Catriona McPherson, Marc Cameron, John Gilstrap, Sarah Lovett, Francine Mathews (Stephanie Barron), Stephen Templin

 To Thrill or Not to Thrill (Regency A)
Writing Different Kinds of Crime Novels
Moderator Sophie Littlefield, Donald Bain, Blake Crouch, RJ Ellory, Lee Goldberg, Alan Jacobson

 From Government Work to Solving Crimes (Regency B)
Sleuths from Government Agencies
Moderator Laura DiSilverio, Ben Coes, Mike Lawson, R.T. Lawton, David Rich

 Stand-Alones vs. Series (Regency C)
Why Authors Write One, the Other, or Both
Moderator Robin Burcell, C.J. Box, Judith Cutler, Jeffery Deaver

 Short and Scary (Regency D)
Thriller and Noir Short Stories
Moderator Toni “Leigh Perry” Kelner, Scott Adlerberg, Jack Fredrickson, Lori Rader-Day, Charles Salzberg, Dave Zeltserman

 Make ’em Laugh (Seaview)
The Value of Humor in Your Mysteries
Moderator Daniel Stashower, Donna Andrews, Lou Berney, Steve Brewer, Denise (Deni) Dietz, Harley Jane Kozak

 Come make a Quilted Coaster and learn English Paper Piecing. (Shoreline)
It is easier than you think.
Moderator Barbara Graham

03:30 PM - 03:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Molly Vandever

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Cynthia Weitz

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Val Welch

04:00 PM - 04:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Gunter Kaesdorf

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Christine Carbo

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Betty Webb

04:30 PM - 04:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Bob Truluck

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Carla Norton

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
T.E. Woods

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM

 Why We Write Thrills (Promenade 104 A)
Exploring the Human Psyche
Moderator Dennis Palumbo, George Fong, Michelle Gagnon, Joshua Graham, Becky Masterman, Gregg Olsen

 A Conversation with Michael Connelly and Sebastian Rotella (Promenade 104 BC)
Moderator Sebastian Rotella, Michael Connelly

 Four Funerals and a Disappearance (Regency A)
Detectives Who’ve Lost Loved Ones
Moderator Laura K. Curtis, Linwood Barclay, Peter James, J.A. Jance, Katia Lief, Stuart Neville

 Experiencing Fear (Regency B)
Dealing with Psychos, Stalkers, and Serial Killers
Moderator Alexandra Sokoloff, Maegan Beaumont, Alison Gaylin, Alex Marwood, Kate White, William Wood

 You Say Traditional, I Say Cozy (Regency C)
Exploring the Boundaries of the Classic Mystery Novel
Moderator Sarah M. Chen, John Billheimer, Paul Bishop, Linda Joffe Hull, Eric James Miller, Ilene Schneider

 Screen to Prose (Regency D)
Making the Transition from Pictures to Publishers
Moderator James Lincoln Warren, Paul Guyot, Derek Haas, Georgia Jeffries, Phoef Sutton, Robert Ward

 Make Ours Noir (Seaview)
Why We Love the Genre
Moderator Daryl Wood Gerber, Eric Beetner, Matt Coyle, Christa Faust, Kelli Stanley, Duane Swierczynski

 Historical Sleuthing (Shoreline)
Historical People Sleuthing versus Fictionalized People
Moderator Robert Kresge, Emily Brightwell, Carola Dunn, Barbara Hambly, Francine Mathews (Stephanie Barron), Holly West

05:00 PM - 05:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Pete Goodman

 Author Focus (Harbor C)

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

 Jeffrey Deaver Guest of Honor Talk (Terrace Theater)
Jeffrey Deaver, our Lifetime Achievement Award winner will talk about his philosophy of writing and his career.
Jeffery Deaver