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Updated: November 14, 2014


08:30 AM - 08:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Karen Pullen

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Jim Fusilli

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Mo Walsh

08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

 Music as a Character or Key Element in the Crime Story (Promenade 104 A)
Moderator Bill Moody, Jill Amadio, Baron Birtcher, Paul Charles, Jeffery Deaver

 Great Scot! (Promenade 104 B)
From Scotland, With Murder
Catriona McPherson, James Oswald, Caro Ramsay, Craig Robertson

 Walk Through a Crime Scene (Promenade 104 C)
Learn How to Collect Evidence (some audience participation)
Moderator George Fong

 Collecting 101 (Regency D)
Tips and Tricks From the Experts on Building Your Collection
Moderator Otto Penzler, Al Abramson, Les Blatt, Bill Gottfried, Tom O’Day, Donus Roberts

 PIs Coast-to-Coast (Seaview)
Crime Solvers with Regional Flavor
Moderator Kevin Burton Smith, Rex Burns, Greg Herren, Thomas Sawyer, Cathi Stoler

 The Cover Art of Robert McGinnis (Shoreline)
A Slideshow of the Premier Cover Artist for Classic Mystery Paperbacks
Moderator Art Scott

09:00 AM - 09:20 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Dana King

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Rick Ollerman

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
R.E. Donald

09:30 AM - 09:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Robert Brookover

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Steven Gregory

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Ted Hertel

10:00 AM - 10:20 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Maxine Nunes

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Neal Griffin

 Author Focus (Harbor C)

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

 A Place By Any Other Name (Promenade 104 A)
The Story Wouldn’t Be the Same In a Different Setting
Moderator Deborah Lacy, John Connolly, Tammy Kaehler, William Kent Krueger, Mark Pryor, Julia Spencer-Fleming

 Masters of Suspense in Conversation (Promenade 104 B)
Moderator Otto Penzler, Mark Billingham, C.J. Box, David Morrell, Kate White

 It’s not CSI Miami (Promenade 104 C)
How Forensics Really Work
Moderator Rachel Howzell Hall, Robin Burcell, Jennifer Chase, Sheila Lowe, D.P. Lyle, Steve Scarborough

 Tall Men Telling Tall Tales (Regency A)
Moderator SJ Rozan, Colin Campbell, Andrew Grant, Gary Phillips, Twist Phelan, Alan Russell

 Sassy, Sexy, and Smart Female Protagonists (Regency B)
Moderator Elaine Viets, Hilary Davidson, Andrew Mayne, Diane Vallere, James Ziskin

 Murder in the Court (Regency C)
Legal Thrillers
Moderator Ken Isaacson, James Scott Bell, Susan Goldstein, Lynne Raimondo, Robert Rotstein, Sheldon Siegel

 All About the Fans (Regency D)
Super Fans and How They Got Involved
Moderator Brad Parks, Al Abramson, Kerry Hammond, Dru Ann Love, Doris Ann Norris, Janet Rudolph

 When Your Sleuth is a Crook (Seaview)
Criminal Protagonists
Moderator Josh Stallings, Jodi Compton, Timothy Hallinan, Seth Harwood, Jamie Mason, John Morgan Wilson

 Little Things Mean a Lot (Shoreline)
A demonstration of simple minitures that can be made for gifts
Moderator Camille Minichino

10:30 AM - 10:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Meredith Anthony

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Jamie Lee Scott

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Sandra Brannan

11:00 AM - 11:20 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
H.S. Clark

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Linda Robertson

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Amy Lignor

11:30 AM - 11:50 AM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Andrew Jetarski

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Mike Monson

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Ralph Sanborn

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

 Living Vicariously (Promenade 104 A)
Experiencing Thrills and Chills Through The Character
Moderator Keith Raffel, M.P. Cooley, Hannah Dennison, Rory Flynn, Gayle Lynds, Chris Pavone

 Vampires and Witches, Oh My (Promenade 104 B)
A Touch of Paranormal With Your Mystery
Moderator Judy Clemens, Juliet Blackwell, Dana Cameron, Kat Richardson, SJ Rozan

 Murderer's Row (Promenade 104 C)
Who We Kill and Why
Moderator Harley Jane Kozak, Sheila Connolly, Christopher Farnsworth, Jamie Freveletti, Roger Hobbs, Jeffrey Siger

 Simon Wood, Toastmaster Interview (Regency A)
Simon Wood, our Toastmaster, will be interviewed by Catriona McPherson
Moderator Catriona McPherson, Simon Wood

 Belfast Noir (Regency B)
Stories of Mayhem and Murder from Northern Ireland
Moderator Peter Rozovsky, Gerard Brennan, Paul Charles, Adrian McKinty, Stuart Neville

 Crime Novel as Social Novel (Regency C)
Dealing With Issues and Problems of our Time
Moderator Hilary Davidson, Joseph Clifford, Les Edgerton, Sara J. Henry, Bill Loehfelm, Tim O’Mara

 Murder in the Great Outdoors (Regency D)
Moderator Twist Phelan, Shannon Baker, Lisa deNikolits, Kate Dyer-Seeley, Christine Goff, Mark Stevens

 Armed With a Notebook, Not a Badge (Seaview)
Journalist Thrill-Seekers
Moderator Larry Gandle, Kristi Belcamino, Bruce DeSilva, Denise Hamilton, Rick Mofina, Bob Reiss

 Make 'Em Laugh (Shoreline)
Balancing the Lows of Loss with the Highs of Humor
Moderator Terry Shames, Melodie Campbell, Sharon Fiffer, Sue Ann Jaffarian, Diana Killian, Helen Smith

12:00 PM - 12:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Eve Fisher

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Dänna Wilberg

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
RK Olson

01:30 PM - 01:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Gayle Carline

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Christine Husom

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Mark Troy

01:30 PM - 02:30 PM

 Been There Wrote That (Promenade 104 A)
How Well Do They Know Their Own Work?
Moderator Gar Anthony Haywood, Donna Andrews, Lee Goldberg, Brad Parks, Alexandra Sokoloff

 Long and Short of It (Promenade 104 B)
Writing Short Stories and Full-Length Novels
Moderator Terrie Farley Moran, Dana Cameron, Jeffery Deaver, Brendan DuBois, Toni “Leigh Perry” Kelner, Simon Wood

 Cadaver Dog Demonstration (Promenade 104 C)
Moderator Cat Warren, Jan Frazee, Sandy Peavey

 Murder is Everywhere (Regency A)
A Round-the-World Crime Spree
Moderator Michael Stanley (Stanley Trollip), Annamaria Alfieri, Cara Black, Caro Ramsay, Jeffrey Siger, Michael Stanley (Michael Sears)

 Excellence in Non-Fiction Crime Writing (Regency B)
Anthony Nominees and Winners
Moderator Jim Huang, Leslie S. Klinger, Josh Stallings, Daniel Stashower, Sarah Weinman

 Shaken, Not Stirred (Regency C)
Bars and Booze as Setting and Plot Devices
Moderator Deborah Lacy, Eoin Colfer, William Lashner, Con Lehane, Johnny Shaw, Marshall Thornton

 No Computers, No Cars, No Problem (Regency D)
Changing Technologies Through the Years
Moderator Marlyn Beebe, Ken Kuhlken, Robert S. Levinson, Charles O’Brien, Reavis Wortham

 Dystopian YA (Seaview)
Blurring the Lines Between Adult and Young Adult
Moderator Jess Lourey, F.T. Bradley, Joelle Charbonneau, Michelle Gagnon, Sophie Littlefield, Alexandra Monir

02:00 PM - 02:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Rosemary Lord

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Laurie Fagen

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Victoria Heckman

02:30 PM - 02:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Janet Elizabeth Lynn

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Michael Niemann

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Margaret Morse

03:00 PM - 03:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Maria Alexander

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
A.C. Frieden

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
John C. Sheldon

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM

 A Conversation Among Authors (Promenade 104 A)
Moderator Clare Toohey, Sue Grafton, Charlaine Harris, J.A. Jance, Sara Paretsky

 Beyond Hammett, Chandler, and Spillane (Promenade 104 B)
Lesser Known Writers of the Pulp and Paperback Eras
Moderator Peter Rozovsky, Max Allan Collins, Sara J. Henry, Charles Kelly, Gary Phillips, Sarah Weinman

 Not Your Parents' Heroes (Promenade 104 C)
What Defines Modern Heroes—And Makes Us Want (To Be) Them
Moderator Brett Battles, Ben Coes, Keir Graff, Mark Greaney, Mike Lawson, Boyd Morrison

 Mysteries and Thrills in Asia (Regency A)
Crossing a Cultural Divide
Moderator Juliet Grames, Lisa Brackmann, Barry Lancet, Martin Limon, Fuminori Nakamura, Ovidia Yu

 Murder in Cyberspace (Regency B)
The Influence of Technology
Moderator Ray Daniel, Joshua Corin, Reece Hirsch, Chris Knopf, Matthew Quirk, Keith Raffel

 The Mean Streets of Los Angeles (Regency C)
LA Crime Through the Ages
Moderator Linda Richards, Jack Bludis, Jennifer Kincheloe, D.W. Putnam, Rochelle Staab, ÓKathyÓ ÓBennettÓ

 A Sheriff’s Job Never Changes (Regency D)
Sheriffs Past, Present, and Future
Moderator Deborah Atkinson, Frankie Bailey, Dianne Emley, Joe Hart, John Sandrolini

 Keep Them In Their Places or Let Them Steal the Scenes (Seaview)
The Importance of Sidekicks
Moderator Erin Mitchell, Don Bruns, Marcia Clark, Sharon Fiffer, Kent Harrington, Tina Whittle

 Cupcake Pincushions (Shoreline)
Diane Vallere will teach how to make a pincushion that looks like a cupcake. Some kits available
Moderator Diane Vallere

03:30 PM - 03:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Chris S. Mooney

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Stephen Buehler

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Bonnie MacBird

04:00 PM - 04:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Bryon Quertermous

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Marta Chausee

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Joe Badal

04:30 PM - 04:50 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Mike Tabor

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Terry Irving

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Tom Crowley

04:30 PM - 05:30 PM

 From Page to Screen (Promenade 104 A)
Stories in Books, Television, and Movies
Moderator Craig Faustus Buck, Max Allan Collins, Elizabeth Cosin, Andrew Kaplan, Thomas Perry, Taylor Stevens

 We’re All Thrillers (Promenade 104 B)
Different Approaches to Thrilling the Reader
Moderator Barry Eisler, Nancy Allen, Carey Baldwin, Samuel W. Gailey, SG Redling

 Major Crimes (Promenade 104 C)
TNT's Major Crimes: Behind the Scenes The Cast and Crew from TNT's Major Crimes talk about how their show portrays the art of the deal in the American justice system while providing a glimpse of how the show is developed, written and filmed.

 Edward Marston, International Guest of Honor Interview (Regency A)
Edward Marston, our International Guest of Honor, will be interviewed by Barbara Peters
Moderator Barbara Peters, Edward Marston

 Similar, But Different (Regency D)
Cops and PIs Sleuthing Around
Moderator Alison Gaylin, Suzanne Chazin, Tyler Dilts, John Shepphird, Dennis Tafoya, Kenneth Wishnia

 Cute and Sweet, But With a Twist (Seaview)
Cozies With Attitude
Moderator Kristopher Zgorski, Judy Clemens, Vicki Doudera, Bharti Kirchner, Wendy Tyson

 Through the Ear to the Mind (Shoreline)
Audio Books
Moderator Jessica Kaye, Juliet Blackwell, Lisa Brackmann, Mark Greaney, William Kent Krueger, Deborah J. Ledford

05:00 PM - 05:20 PM

 Author Focus (Harbor A)
Christopher Allen Poe

 Author Focus (Harbor B)
Tom Pitts

 Author Focus (Harbor C)
Greg Randall